Visual sense: Excellent genuine leather or unique textile effect;

Hand feeling: Soft and full hand feeling, high resilience;

Excellent physical properties:  

        — Good performance in tearing strength, seam strength and torsion resistance;

        — High abrasion and scratch proof resistance;

        — Great light resistant and anti-aging ability;

        — Perfect color fastness and perspiration resistance;

        — Brilliant chemical properties and solvent resistance;

High durability: Perfect performance in hydrolysis, acid and alkali resistance. According to the request of customers and confirmed by Chemical, product can offer long service for 5-10 years;

Brilliant antifouling function: Sometimes the furniture is unavoidable to be stained by tea, milk, coffee, oil and ball pen in daily life, which make the furniture hard to clean. According to the request of customers and confirmed by Anli, product offers antifouling, easy-clean and easy-wash features to keep the sofa furniture artistic and brand new;

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