Visual sense: Excellent genuine leather or unique textile effect;   

    Hand feeling: Soft and full hand feeling, high resilience;

    Wide varieties with latest techniques: Unique and fashionable designs, Crazy Horse, Oily Leather, Wax Touch, Color Changing, Polishing, Brushing, Buffing, Nubuck, Yangbuck series represent natural, nostalgic, and elegant styles. Crystal, Enamel and Textile series reflect strong flavors of fashion trend;

    High quality and high-level:

            — Good abrasion and scratch resistance;

            — High dry and wet rub fastness. No peeling and color fading on surface;

            — Perfect yellowing resistance;

            — Good torsion resistance under normal temperature and cold resistance.

    High durability: According to customers’ requirements and confirmed by Chemical, product can offer long service for 3-5 years with great comprehensive properties;

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