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KMK-504D IPA Special Black Special Matte Finishing

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●Use:Clothing、Shoes、Luggage and bags、Sofa
●Appearance: Translucent liquid And Micro yellow liquid
●Solid content: 10±1%
●Viscosity:200~800 CPS/25℃
●Characteristic:Mist yellowing resistance is good, it can be used for high solid wave embossed, heat resistance.
●Operation:Generally three editions press wheel 100 mesh or 120 mesh processed.
●Precautions:1、When the need for change color jobs,First test YF-504D of compatibility with the pigment.
            2、Stir before use.
●Shelf life:3 Month
●Packing method:180KG/Metal Pail、17KG/Metal Pail
●Store:Cool、Ventilated place                                                         

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